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Here are some commonly asked questions and answers we receive here at


1.) Are you a legitimate ticket company? / How do I know you will send my tickets?

Answer: Yes, we are a legitimate ticket company and we have been in business since 2009. Our company is based in the USA and we abide by all local, state and federal laws regarding ticket sales. You can contact us to talk with a customer service representative if it would make you feel more comfortable placing an order. We can be reached at (888) 546-8339.


2.) How do you have so many tickets? / Where do you get all these tickets?

Answer: We network with ticket brokers, season ticket holders, promoters and fans to offer the widest selection of tickets for each available event. We purchase tickets individually and in bulk, and any way possible to boost our inventory for you, the customer.


3.) How will I get my tickets?

Answer: Once you place an order, one of our offices will send out the tickets using FedEx unless otherwise noted. In some cases, if the event is within a few days, arrangements can be made to pick up the tickets close to the venue. Once an order is placed, you may contact the office directly (with the number provided on your receipt) or by calling our customer support team: (888) 546-8339.


4.) I have not gotten my tickets yet, where are they?

Answer: In some instances, the box office has not released the tickets yet and they are not available for immediate delivery. If this is the case, a note was placed in the description of the tickets and if you order was confirmed, your tickets are guaranteed to arrive in time for your event. You can always track your tickets using the information provided in your receipt / confirmation email.


5.) I gave the wrong email address and I can't get my order information. Can you help? / Why didn't I get a confirmation email? / How can I get another confirmation email?

Answer: In some cases, customers opt to enter a fake email, this is not a good idea as all your ticket information is being sent to the email address you provide. In other cases, the email address may have been entered incorrectly. Also, some email accounts may flag the email as spam or junk so check those folders. If you still cannot locate your confirmation email, please call customer support with as much information about the order as possible (credit card, address, name, event, date of order, etc). They can assist in retrieving or resending a confirmation email. (888) 546-8339


6.) Do you guarantee ticket orders?

Answer: Yes, all ticket orders are guaranteed to arrive in time for the event, be real tickets, be the exact seats you ordered (or better), and grant admission to the event (unless the tickets are not event tickets, ie: vip passes). You can find details on our ticket guarantee policy by going to this page: Ticket Guarantee or by calling customer support: (888) 546-8339.


7.) When will the tickets be shipped?

Answer: In most cases, the tickets are shipped within 1 business day or as soon as the order is received and confirmed. Some rare cases, the tickets are not eligible to ship until a certain date and you will be notified when the tickets are expected to ship.


8.) Are these tickets side-by-side? / Will my tickets be seated together in the same row?

Answer: When you order a pair or group of tickets, the seats will be located together unless otherwise noted. 99.9% of the time, tickets are located together (or general admission).


9.) Can you ship to PO Boxes?

Answer: We ship tickets through FedEx and FedEx does not deliver to post office boxes. If someone will not be home to accept your delivery, you can call Fed Ex with your tracking number and make alternate arrangements.


10.) How do I know my tickets won't be obstructed view? What happens if my seats are partial view?

Answer: We require that all tickets that are partial or obstructed views be listed on our site with a note indicating so. If there is no note under the tickets indication partial or obstructed view, then you will have an unobstructed view from your seats.


11.) Why are some tickets listed as being in a range of sections or rows?

Answer: This means that tickets will be available in this section / row and you are guaranteed seats in this vicinity but the exact location of the seats are not yet known. It is safe to order these tickets, you are guaranteed seats within these sections / rows.


12.) I lost my tickets, can you send new ones? / I think my tickets were lost or stolen, what can you do?

Answer: Typically, tickets cannot be reissued because the venue does not want to run the risk of having two people with the same ticket. However, you may contact the office that shipped the tickets and see if there is anything they can do to reissue your tickets. There may be a fee involved with this. If your tickets were printed on paper or e-tickets, you can request the tickets in an email and reprint the tickets at your home or office. There are no guarantees on this and is not responsible for lost or stolen tickets.


13.) Why are similar tickets listed at different prices?

Answer: Our tickets are listed by several offices and each office sets their own prices based on a few factors such as cost to obtain tickets, proximity of the event date, market prices and more. It is common to see tickets in the same section within a few rows at drastically different prices so you may want to price the tickets out!


14.) Why do you charge a service fee on top of the ticket prices?

Answer: We charge a service charge which covers many things such as the cost to maintain the website, credit card processing fees, wages for employees that physically mail the tickets and much more. The service fee is a percentage based on the ticket prices and is non-negotiable. We charge the industry minimum for our service charge to ensure you are getting the lowest total cost. Some other brokers don't have a service charge but have much higher ticket prices... either way, the price reflects a mark up.