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Metallica Shank Hall Tickets

Metallica at Shank Hall

With, you can easily browse cheap Metallica Milwaukee tickets. When you are ready to checkout, call us to place your order or finalize your order through our safe shopping cart for fastest service. The Metallica Milwaukee concert will be a smash hit so find concert tickets now. If this is the first Metallica show or not, the crowd will be amped. Now you can see Metallica live, in person on Nov 17, 2018 at Shank Hall. Get tickets at to see Metallica perform in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. We offer hundreds of seats for the Metallica performance at Shank Hall. Milwaukee is a great city to go to a show such as Metallica at Shank Hall. The date of the concert is Nov 17, 2018 and it will be at Shank Hall.

Metallica Shank Hall Concert Tickets Milwaukee, WI

Nov 17th, 2018
8:00 PM
Damaged Justice - Metallica Tribute
Shank Hall - Milwaukee, WI