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Nothing beats going out to the old ball park on a summer's night to catch the local team take the mound. Baseball is America's pastime and has been a fan favorite when it comes to live sporting events since the early 1900's. Baseball is one of America's oldest sports and is still evolving from the modern game that it has become. Faster pitching, more dynamic swings of the bat, statistical anomalies... baseball has become as competitive and athletic as any other major sport and the athletes are regarded as some of the best. Attending live baseball games, you have the possibility of see a no hitter, home runs, grand slams, shutouts, stolen bases, pitching duels, record breakers, strikeouts and so much more. That's why attending a baseball game is unlike any other sport... you never know what you're going to get!

When you buy baseball tickets online at Tickets More, we guarantee that your tickets will arrive in time for the event. We also ensure that your tickets are real, legitimate tickets that will grant you access to the game. Lastly, we also ensure that your tickets will be refunded in full if the game is cancelled (not postponed). So feel safe about buying tickets online with Tickets More, we strive for customer satisfaction.

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